The Manifesto Series

“Change Your Habits, Change Your World is a manifesto on the impact habits have in our lives. Habits are routines that have been duplicated until it has become automated, enacted without purposeful thinking, mainly without any sagacity of understanding.  The process of forming habits occurs through a gradual shift in cognitive control from intentional to automatic processes. If you want clear direction on the habits you need for success then this is the book you should read.”

Goal Setting and Goal Getting
“Goal Setting and Goal Getting discusses the neurology, psychology and the technology of goal setting and goal getting.  If your passion and motivation for reaching goals is failing you, then you could definitely be making better goals – goals that suit who you really are and who you truly want to become. Read this book to learn about the neurology, psychology and technology you can use to enhance goal getting and goal setting.” 

“Thinking Big” can get you to the top faster than any other form of mind conditioning. Every thought you have is a part of that process and encompasses unseen forces that rise to fill gaps in your imagination. This is where genius is born. This is the bridge that separates success from massive failure. This is the book that will help you get there.”

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