Instinctively Taking Necessary Goal Achieving Actions

One of the basic axioms of physics is, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. So it stands to reason that nothing happens until you do something, e.g. take action.

It does not matter how small or how large the action. 

The objective is to get into motion and do something to advance your goals, dreams and visions.
The sad part of the matter is people will spend more time and energy trying to avoid action than doing what is needed to take action. This is commonly known as procrastination and is the fastest way to kill momentum before it gets started.

It’s a sneaky thing because it will not confront you outright; but will challenge your decision to take “action” every time.  What it does is sneak up on you and starve action to death with a variety of
superficial excuses.

At the end of the day, you are better off doing something, rather than deluding yourself with reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t begin a thing.

The faster way to get into the habit of action is to do one thing immediately after setting a goal.
You may not be fully convinced how this one action makes a difference; however, you are training your mind to take action.

Either way, your mind just does the action you instruct it to do anyway.  If you don’t take that immediate action it will distract you with all the reasons why you should wait. It is much more productive to “do what you can do right now, versus putting it off until later”.

You cannot escape the responsibilities of today by putting it off until tomorrow. 

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