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About the Author
Stephen H. Pressler is an entrepreneur, personal development innovator and life coach. He has spent over 25 years in the personal development and self-improvement industries, as a student, teacher and personal coach.

He has trained a range of students, from individuals to Corporate Presidents on his patented personal development mentoring programs. He enjoys international travel, sailing, SCRABBLE and studying the human mind.

Today, Mr. Pressler has moved his training to another level. He continues investigating the human mind from a personal growth perspective, but also integrates advancements from science, while evaluating these alongside technological innovations. Fusing these three areas into a manifesto provides insights into what works for us personally when pursuing success.

The Pressler’s mission statement makes it clear…

  • We coach you straight to the source and authority on personal development…YOU.
  • YOU will define and discover freedom based on self-development principles outlined in his publications.
  • YOU must do it alone, but not by yourself, because turning today’s dreamers into twenty-first century goal achievers, is a team effort.

Connect on Facebook at and Twitter @pressler_. He enjoys connecting with his readers and sharing insights on personal development and self-improvement.

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