Habits and Instincts

Instincts are malleable, and behavior can change on a whim, but habits define your destiny. 

In order to instantiate good habits you must have a fundamental set of core principles so that the newly formed habit will last. 

The formation of principle-based habits will allow you to act and respond in ways that are congruent with the person you want to become. 

But the question you may be asking yourself is where do I begin? 

Let’s start with a set of maxims for developing good habits.  Then we’ll talk about where habits come from, how they are developed and the easiest and fastest way to rearrange your habits.

How to encourage and develop good habits:


  1. Put yourself only in those circumstances that inspire the continuation of good habits and the elimination of bad habits.
  2. Prohibit yourself from acting indifferent to a new habit you are developing. Every thought, action and reaction counts when developing a new habit.
  3. If you hold onto the past with one hand and onto the future with another you go nowhere. Instead let go the old habit and form the new one fast.
  4. The only thing that counts towards installing a new habit is action. Our intention to engage in good habits and avoid bad ones isn’t that important. It is important to actually do the thing you intended.
  5.  Act in ways that align with your intentions and are advantageous to you, despite the effort required.
This book is designed to be interactive. You don’t have to read it straight through because each chapter and section stands on its own. 

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