Understand How Your Mind Works

We are approaching the age where everything thinks and are actually smarter than we are today.   

However, the edge we have over them is our ability to adjust to the environment and quickly change our thoughts and directions to best take advantage of the moment.
Understanding how your brain works is critical to all your goal setting efforts.  

The goal setting process reveals the potential you have within and understanding how your brain
functions on a conscious level is helpful.
Computers are essentially one minded

Our trump card is that we have three minds. We can meld them to create an influential response to our environment much more readily than the single minded computer.  It is not a race or a competition being described here, just an observation. 
Our three minds are:
  • the conscious mind
  • the subconscious mind
  • the creative subconscious mind
The conscious mind perceives information it is exposed to via the senses of sight, sound, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.  By associating these sensory inputs with prior experiences it can take the suitable actions to keep us grounded in the present reality. 

In other words, we react based on conditions modeled on past performance and the current environmental stimulus. 
Our subconscious mind is the refuge to our beliefs and habits.  Everything we’ve experienced, seen, thought or read has an associative neural path chronology of that experience. It’s an automatic mechanism, sort of like a library of knowledge that screens our automatic sensory response to the inquiries of our conscious mind.
The creative subconscious mind sustains our version of reality.  It causes us to act in accordance with our individual self-image or the way we see and believe ourselves to be.  The creative subconscious galvanizes your version of reality based on your beliefs and historical experiences.
Our reticular activating system brings all this together. (The Reticular Activating System is a series of interconnected or interdependent parts or entities that act together in a common purpose to produce results impossible by action of one alone.)
We hardly notice what is happening but the information that is important gets through to your subconscious, thus influencing our inclination towards setting and achieving goals.

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